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    Perfect for every situation

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    100% Shatterproof and unmatched durability

  • utensil

    Crafted from high-quality stainless steel

  • Tranchant

    Reusable and Eco-Friendly - Freeze, use, rinse, repeat

  • Cook to perfection

    Perfect chill, no dilution

  • Microwave and freezer safe

    Keeps your beverage chilled for longer







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Very satisfied!

One of the best things i ever bought.

- Harry Antoniadis

review stars

Well worth the price tag. Great product.

Great product. Delivery, despite the original order being out of stock, arrived earlier than expected. Very good quality materials. So far so good with the couple of uses.

- Chris HJ

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Excellent products

Excellent products, friendly and responsive service.

- Rod Davis


We have all tried it. Dropping that expensive wine or drinking glass, and watching it fall inevitably to the floor and shatter into a million pieces, leaving you with an annoying clean-up - and one drinking glass poorer.

We also know the pain of having to handwash those same expensive glasses, because they are either too brittle to go in the dishwasher, or simply out of fear of chipping the glass.

And don’t even get us started about how annoying it is, to have that fancy set of wine or drinking glasses all the way in the back of the cabinet, for the fancy occasions.

Why can’t we just have one drinking glass for every occasion? One that does not chip or shatter, is durable enough to be used everyday, go in the dishwasher without problems AND still looks so great that you would want to show it off to everybody?

Those are the experiences and subsequent questions that led us towards the creation of our very own series of drinking glasses. We are proud to introduce you to the absolutely last drinking glasses you will ever need to buy; The ONYX COOKWARE™ STAINLESS STEEL CUP.


No more worries about shattered glass from unexpected mishaps. ONYX COOKWARE™ STAINLESS STEEL CUP, carefully crafted from top-notch stainless steel, boasts remarkable durability and offers a guaranteed shatterproof experience.

Whether it's lively family gatherings, vibrant parties, or just your daily beverage consumption, you can trust the unrivaled resilience of this glass (which is actually made of steel). Designed to withstand life's unpredictable moments - it can be dropped from a height, kicked around, or even sat upon without damage - its robustness will surely impress you!

The exceptional durability of this glass extends further than simply resisting physical harm. The premium stainless steel is stain-resistant and maintains its shiny appearance even with regular use, ensuring your drinking glass remains as pristine as when you first bought it.

With this drinking glass, you say goodbye to the hassle and danger associated with fragile glassware. You can now enjoy the comfort of knowing your glassware is sturdy enough to handle the liveliest celebrations or everyday wear and tear, while consistently delivering an excellent drinking experience.


The ONYX COOKWARE™ STAINLESS STEEL CUP boasts a stainless steel structure, which brilliantly maintains your drinks at their refreshing best for prolonged periods. The secret lies in the exceptional temperature retention capability of stainless steel. These properties ensure that your sips are consistently chilled from the first to the last, no matter how long you take to savor your drink.

Whether you are enjoying a quiet evening at home, hosting a summer barbecue, or out on a picnic, you won't need to worry about your drinks warming up prematurely. The stainless steel does an excellent job of warding off the warmth, allowing you to say goodbye to lukewarm disappointments once and for all. Enjoy your favorite chilled beverages as they were meant to be - cool, refreshing, and invigorating.


Whether it's a quiet dinner at home, an outdoor adventure, or a special celebration, the ONYX COOKWARE™ STAINLESS STEEL CUP is a reliable companion for all occasions. This drinking glass stands out with its robust construction, crafted to endure the rigors of outdoor activities - from picnic gatherings to camping trips.

At the same time, it complements any indoor setting with its sleek design. Its refined elegance elevates your everyday meals, turning busy weekday breakfasts into graceful affairs, while seamlessly blending into your festive weekend parties, lending a touch of sophistication.

Moreover, this versatile product effortlessly transitions from casual to formal, from breakfast juices to evening wines. With its durability and style, it embodies an essential piece of tableware, designed to adapt and enhance every scenario you can imagine. You won't have to worry about switching glasses for different situations - the ONYX COOKWARE™ STAINLESS STEEL CUP is designed to do it all.


When designing the shapes and curves of our drinking glasses, we wanted to keep a traditional and easy-to-use design, while at the same time giving you something that will raise attention and provide a stylish aspect to any situation.

As a result, our drinking glasses features our signature protective titanium coating and has a sleek and timeless design. Its polished surface adds a touch of elegance, blending perfectly with any decor.

Whether you're using it at your dinner table, taking it on a camping trip, or enjoying a picnic, this glass always looks stylish and fits in perfectly.


Post-drink cleanup has never been easier. The ONYX COOKWARE™ STAINLESS STEEL CUP is completely dishwasher safe, promising hassle-free maintenance. Say goodbye to tedious hand washing, and let your dishwasher take care of the cleaning. With our drinking glasses, you get to enjoy more time savoring your drinks and less time cleaning up. Even with frequent dishwasher cycles, this robust stainless steel drinking glass will stand the test of time.


Are you tired of traditional ice cubes that melt quickly and dilute your drink? Our ONYX COOKWARE™ hexagon shaped ice cubes are the perfect solution. Its unique shape and liquid interior allows it to maintain your drink’s temperature for longer periods of time, giving you the perfect sip every time.

We all know the struggle of traditional ice cubes that take hours or even days to make, which take up a large amount of water and melt quickly, diluting your drink and ruining the flavor and texture. Our ONYX COOKWARE™ REUSABLE STEEL ICE CUBES are an Eco-friendly solution that saves you water, freezer space and have endless reusability – ensuring that you always have ice cubes ready, whenever you need them. The ONYX COOKWARE™ REUSABLE STEEL ICE CUBES are designed to keep your drink at the perfect temperature without watering it down. The liquid inside the ice cubes is designed to freeze slowly, ensuring that it maintains its cooling effect for a longer period of time. This means that you can enjoy your drink at your own pace, without worrying about it getting too warm or diluted.

Our ONYX COOKWARE™ REUSABLE STEEL ICE CUBES are perfect for a variety of drinks, including cocktails, whiskey, wine, sodas, and more. With its long-lasting cooling effect, you can enjoy your favorite drinks exactly how they were meant to be enjoyed!


Our ONYX COOKWARE™ REUSABLE STEEL ICE CUBES are made from premium quality stainless steel and are built to last. Unlike traditional ice trays that crack or break over time and needs to be refilled consistently, our ONYX COOKWARE™ REUSABLE STEEL ICE CUBES are built to withstand even the toughest conditions, so you can enjoy your favorite drinks without worrying or compromising with the quality of your ice or using too much unnecessary water.

The ONYX COOKWARE™ REUSABLE STEEL ICE CUBES are made from food-grade stainless steel, which is durable and resistant to rust, corrosion, and scratches. This means that it will last for years, even with regular use. Its high-quality construction also ensures that it won’t affect the taste or the quality of your drink, unlike plastic or silicone ice cube trays.

Designed with the utmost precision, the ONYX COOKWARE™ REUSABLE STEEL ICE CUBES make an excellent addition to any home bar or kitchen and saves you more water.


Our ONYX COOKWARE™ REUSABLE STEEL ICE CUBES comes with a convenient velour-fabric bag and a thong, making it effortless to carry them wherever you go. Whether you’re heading to the beach, a party, or just enjoying a drink at home – our ONYX COOKWARE™ REUSABLE STEEL ICE CUBES are an ideal complement to your drink and occasion, and even makes an excellent supplement to traditional ice cube trays.

The velour-fabric bag is designed to keep your ice cubes clean and free from dust and debris, ensuring that it’s always ready to use at any time. Its compact and small size makes it convenient to store in your freezer or cooler, allowing you to have them available whenever you need them.

Using our ONYX COOKWARE™ REUSABLE STEEL ICE CUBES is a breeze. Simply place them in the included thong and add them to your drink. The thong is designed to fit comfortably into any glass and allows you to add the ice cubes without getting cold fingers.

When it comes to cleaning the ONYX COOKWARE™ REUSABLE STEEL ICE CUBES, you will never experience more convenience! All you have to do is rinse the ice cubes with water and soap and allow them to dry before placing them back into their velour-fabric bag. This way, they are always clean and ready to be reused, whenever you want.


Our hexagon designed ice cubes are more than just functional, they also make a striking visual statement, overriding any traditional ice cube trays. The unique shape of the ice cube adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any drink, making them an ideal accessory for anyone who values high-quality, elegance and the minimalistic things in life.

With their sleek and minimalistic design, our ice cubes are the perfect blend of form and function. The high-quality stainless steel construction ensures that they not only look stylish but provides longevity and durability. Their modern design is sure to complement any household or barware collection, making them a versatile addition to your drinkware accessories.

With a full package of four ONYX COOKWARE™ REUSABLE STEEL ICE CUBES, you can be sure to impress any guests you’re entertaining, or even yourself.

Dimensions2,5 cm
MaterialCasing: Stainless steel 304
Liquid: 70% water, 30% glycerin
Drinkware Specifications
Capacity500 ml
MaterialStainless steel 304
Weight145 g
Height114 mm
Diameter92 mm
Base diameter38 mm
Dishwasher SafeYes (only applies for the glass)


At ONYX COOKWARE™ we pride ourselves of making some of the most innovative products that you will ever have in your kitchen. But we are not just about the products themselves. We strive to provide absolutely superior products, at a greater value for your money, than anywhere else. That is why we have chosen to opt out of the regular distribution chain, with which you are probably very familiar.

We want to change this, and therefore you will not be able to find our products in any stores. You can only buy our products right here, on our very own official website. When you buy one of our products, you are purchasing it directly from us. There are no additional cost added to fuel the distribution and retail supply chain.


At ONYX COOKWARE™, we are confident that you will love any of our products that you choose to upgrade your kitchen with. But we also realize that you may not be as confident in that as we are.

But we back up our confidence with a guarantee. A 100-day full satisfaction guarantee that you're automatically covered by no matter what you buy from us. So what does this guarantee mean? We'll tell you!

Within the first 100 days, we guarantee your satisfaction or you can get all your money back. If - against our clear expectations - you are unhappy with your purchase, you can contact our customer service team who will help you get all your money back, as well as a return label - which we will pay for - to send your order back with.

So in this way, any purchase with us is 100% risk free. Our 100-day satisfaction guarantee ensures you're fully satisfied or all your money back - and at no extra cost for returns.


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