Á propos ONYX™

At ONYX COOKWARE™ we develop and produce the most innovative cookware you will ever experience. Our products will last a lifetime and change your perception on what is possible to do in a kitchen.

Our Products

Since the dawn of man, we have used instruments of varying quality and composition, to aid us in preparing our food. At ONYX COOKWARE™, we love to combine modern age technology with one of the oldest product categories of all time; Cookware.

It all started with our hybrid non-stick frying pan, which utilizes our patented ONYX COOKWARE™ laser etched hexagon design, and this is still our main product today. Our innovative technology has allowed us to produce a set of cookware products, which give you the best of two worlds; The non-stick functionality of a normal non-stick pan and the durability of a professional stainless steel or cast iron pan.

Our Promises

Our products are the best. We know that, but we also know, that you don’t know that. So to help our customers feel as secure and confident about our products, as we do ourselves, we offer 5 years warranty and 100 days full return right, on every single product that we make. If you do not like it, we will give you your money back. But we are quite confident that you will love our products!

The Distribution Chain

But we are not just about the products themselves. We strive to provide absolutely superior products, at a greater value for your money, than anywhere else. That is why we have chosen to opt out of the regular distribution chain, with which you are probably very familiar.

Normally, a cookware manufacturer will have to sell it’s products to a distributor. The distributor then sells to a physical retail or online, who then finally sells the product to you – the consumer. So when you buy the product, it will already have been bought and sold several times before, adding more and more profit margin with each step. A profit margin that you as the consumer will need to pay for in the end.

We want to change this, and therefore you will not be able to find our products in any stores. You can only buy our products right here, on our very own official website. When you buy one of our products, you are purchasing it directly from us. There are no additional cost added to fuel the distribution and retail supply chain.