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    Lightweight and Ergonomic, Anti-Slip Handle







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Very satisfied!

One of the best things i ever bought.

- Harry Antoniadis

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Well worth the price tag. Great product.

Great product. Delivery, despite the original order being out of stock, arrived earlier than expected. Very good quality materials. So far so good with the couple of uses.

- Chris HJ

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Excellent products

Excellent products, friendly and responsive service.

- Rod Davis


Ever tried to flip a burger and ended up chasing it around the grill? Not anymore! The ONYX COOKWARE™ BBQ FORK ensures you can grab, flip, and slice your food without any mishaps. It's like having a magic touch - but really, it's all down to the superb design of the fork. The stainless-steel construction ensures it can withstand the high heat and intensity of BBQ grilling, while the ergonomic handle provides a secure and comfortable grip for all your cooking activities.

This fork is your partner in culinary adventures, helping you to secure meat for slicing, turning large roasts and to check if your food is cooked to perfection without breaking a sweat. The ONYX COOKWARE™ BBQ FORK is designed to meet the needs of both amateur and professional chefs alike.

… And guess what? When you're done grilling, you won't have to spend ages cleaning up. A quick wipe, and this fork looks as good as new. It's as if it has a no-mess shield!

Transform Your Grill Moments

Making Grilling Fun and Easy; The ONYX COOKWARE™ BBQ FORK makes grilling so effortless, it feels like the food cooks itself. Perfect for anyone, whether you grill every weekend or just once in a while, it transforms grilling into a fun, easy part of your day – elevating your cooking experience from good to great! Whether you're in the midst of a casual weekend BBQ or a grilling event, this fork remains steadfastly reliable.

Imagine hosting a BBQ for your entire family, and time just flies because you're not stuck fussing over the grill. Instead, you're enjoying the laughter, sharing stories, and basking in the aroma of perfectly grilled food. That's the kind of experience the ONYX COOKWARE™ BBQ FORK delivers. Its design ensures that you spend less time worrying about the grill and more time enjoying the moments that matter.


When we created our ONYX COOKWARE™ BBQ FORK, we focused on simplicity, effectivity and your BBQ needs in mind, and not just about its sleek look. We wanted to give you a tool that lasts season after season, without worrying about rust or wear. This fork is tough enough to handle the heat and intensity of any grilling challenge, proving itself as a dependable tool in your culinary arsenal. Why settle for less when you can have the best? Crafted from 430 stainless steel, this fork isn't just any kitchen tool - it's a symbol of durability and rust resistance. Its sturdy build means it can handle the intense heat and demanding conditions of BBQ grilling without compromising its quality

Choosing the ONYX COOKWARE™ BBQ FORK means investing in quality that lasts. It's the ultimate tool for those who love grilling and demand the best in their cooking tools. This fork isn't just about lasting a long time; it's about being there for all your memorable BBQ moments, helping you create delicious meals that bring people together. Ready to stand the test of time, this fork promises to be by your side, grilling session after grilling session, making every meal a celebration.

BBQ Fork Specifications
Handle length19,2 cm
Handle width2 x 3 cm
Hanging holeØ1,1 cm
Width2,6 cm
Total length40,8 cm
Material430 Stainless Steel
HandlePP + Stainless Steel with TPR Coating


At ONYX COOKWARE™ we pride ourselves of making some of the most innovative products that you will ever have in your kitchen. But we are not just about the products themselves. We strive to provide absolutely superior products, at a greater value for your money, than anywhere else. That is why we have chosen to opt out of the regular distribution chain, with which you are probably very familiar.

We want to change this, and therefore you will not be able to find our products in any stores. You can only buy our products right here, on our very own official website. When you buy one of our products, you are purchasing it directly from us. There are no additional cost added to fuel the distribution and retail supply chain.


At ONYX COOKWARE™, we are confident that you will love any of our products that you choose to upgrade your kitchen with. But we also realize that you may not be as confident in that as we are.

But we back up our confidence with a guarantee. A 100-day full satisfaction guarantee that you're automatically covered by no matter what you buy from us. So what does this guarantee mean? We'll tell you!

Within the first 100 days, we guarantee your satisfaction or you can get all your money back. If - against our clear expectations - you are unhappy with your purchase, you can contact our customer service team who will help you get all your money back, as well as a return label - which we will pay for - to send your order back with.

So in this way, any purchase with us is 100% risk free. Our 100-day satisfaction guarantee ensures you're fully satisfied or all your money back - and at no extra cost for returns.


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