We have compiled the most common questions we receive about our kitchen knives. We hope this FAQ section answers your questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, you are always welcome to contact us directly!

Our ONYX COOKWARE™ knives can easily handle a dishwasher and far from become dull because of it!

Coatings can wear out or fade over time, but this does not happen with our alloy, which we call it instead of coating. The reason for this is that it is bound to the steel at an atomic level.

The titanium alloy provides an extra hard and wear-resistant surface. Therefore, you do not need to worry about putting them in the dishwasher. The only thing you should be aware of is that the knives should not be placed against loose items, as it can damage your knife during washing. We recommend polishing the knife after washing to maintain the beautiful surface.

The knife sharpener works best on our ONYX COOKWARE™ knives, which have a hardness of HRC 64. The knife should be held straight when it is sharpened in the sharpener. The knife is sharpened if there are irregularities in the blade, and/or if you need a clean and sharp edge in the blade again.

It is important to clean the knife before sharpening – place the sharpener on a flat surface and gently pull the knife through the sharpener. It is important to emphasize that the knife should not be pressed or forced down when pulling the knife through the sharpener. The sharpener does the work for you – you just need to make sure to place the knife in the opening and pull it through.

An ONYX COOKWARE™ knife should be sharpened at an angle of 13° on each side or an angle of 26° when both sides are sharpened simultaneously.

The Rockwell scale is an internationally recognized scale that defines the hardness of the steel on a kitchen knife. This is used to give kitchen knives a grade that defines how hard the steel is on the knife.

When choosing kitchen knives, HRC (hardness) is one of the most important points, as this defines both the quality of the steel and the knife's overall ability to remain sharp. Kitchen knives with a higher HRC mean that the knives are sharp and more functional, over a longer period. A high HRC provides a longer lifespan and knives with excellent quality.