10 things you didn't know you could make with an air fryer

Do you have an air fryer? Then you're lucky! If not, then you should consider getting an air fryer from ONYX COOKWARE™. With an air fryer, you can make many different dishes. In this blog post, you will get 10 ideas for what you can make with your air fryer. An air fryer is a fantastic machine that makes it possible to fry and bake food without using oil or fat. This means that the food will be less greasy and therefore healthier for you to eat.

What can an air fryer do?

An air fryer is a kitchen machine that uses air instead of oil to fry and bake food. The air fryer can be used to make everything from crispy chicken, French fries, and snacks to baked potatoes and vegetables.

The food you can make with an air fryer

We have collected 10 dishes that you can make with your air fryer.

Cookies in an air fryer


Crisp cookies with soft chocolate pieces inside are one of the most delicious things for a sweet tooth. With an air fryer from ONYX COOKWARE™, you simply place your cookie dough in the air fryer and give it 7-8 minutes at 170°.

Muffins in an air fryer


A sure winner with children is delicious soft muffins. After preparing the muffins, you and the children can decorate the top with icing and sprinkles so that they can put their personal touch on the fragrant muffins. With an air fryer, you can make muffins in 15-20 minutes at 160°.

Tortilla chips in an air fryer

Tortilla chips

Crispy delicious tortilla chips go perfectly with a round of guacamole and salsa, but few people know how easy it is to make your own tortilla chips. Simply cut a tortilla into triangles, apply a little oil, then place them in the air fryer for 6 minutes at 160°.

Broccoli in an air fryer


Broccoli contains a lot of good vitamins and is healthy, but there is not much to cooked broccoli. Instead, you should cut up some broccoli and cook it in an air fryer. This way, the broccoli pieces get a crispness on the outside but remain soft on the inside. They only need 6 minutes at 200°.

Toasted bread in an air fryer

Toasted bread

Toasted bread is easy to make in an air fryer. The toast is golden and perfectly toasted every time, so you get a crunchy exterior and a soft interior in the bread. All you have to do is put the bread on a rack at 200° for 3-6 minutes.

Cinnamon rolls in an air fryer

Cinnamon rolls

Some of the most popular baked goods in Denmark must be cinnamon snails. Almost everyone likes cinnamon rolls with the many layers of dough mixed with cinnamon remonce. The advantage of making cinnamon rolls in an air fryer is that the cinnamon snails are perfectly baked on all sides. You just have to set the air fryer to 180° for 15 minutes, and then you have delicious cinnamon rolls. Remember the icing!

Egg in an air fryer


Are you into hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs? Supplement your breakfast with delicious eggs prepared in an air fryer. Set the air fryer to 135° and put your eggs down. The best part is that your eggs will be done before the water in a pot will have time to boil.

Corn on the cob in an air fryer

Corn on the cob

In the summer, we are lucky enough to enjoy delicious corn on the cob for the barbecue. If you love corn on the cob, then you should try cooking them in an air fryer. All you have to do is spray the corn with a little oil, then sprinkle salt over them. Then you set the air fryer to 190° and give them 15 minutes. You will not regret this cooking method.

Sausage rolls in an air fryer

Sausage rolls

Sausage rolls are popular with all ages. It's an easy snack, an easy meal, and can be eaten by using just your fingers. Sausage rolls are best prepared in an air fryer, and they are ready before your oven has heated up. Set the air fryer to 160° and give the sausage rolls 10-12 minutes.

Bacon in an air fryer


Crispy juicy bacon is suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can incorporate bacon into many different kinds of dishes. However, cooking bacon is always greasy, and before you know it, your entire stove is covered in grease. Cooking bacon in an air fryer is the least dirty way to cook bacon. Set the air fryer to 180° and give your bacon about 6 minutes.

Why has the air fryer become so popular?

The air fryer has become popular because it makes it possible to cook healthier food. The air fryer uses less oil or fat to fry and bake the food, which means that the food contains less fat. The air fryer is also faster than a regular oven, making it ideal for busy families or people who don't have much time to cook.

So if you're considering getting an air fryer, it's a good idea to check out some of the many recipes and guides available online. There are lots of exciting dishes you can make with your air fryer.

Download 10 recipes for the air fryer

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