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  • wash machine

    Exceptional ceramic non-stick – Maximum longevity

  • wash machine

    Effortless perfection in every sear

  • utensil

    Use metal utensils and tools without scratching the non-stick surface

  • stove

    Works with all stoves including Induction and Gas

  • oven

    Oven-safe up to 260­°C

  • wash machine

    Dishwasher safe!

  • oven

    Healthy PFAS free cooking







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The patented ONYX COOKWARE™ hybrid non-stick pots and pans, are unmatched in the world of cookware. If you ask us, it is the best you can get. Period.

So how does it work?

In the production of ONYX COOKWARE™ pots and pans, we use three layers – also referred to as “Tri-Ply” or “Clad” cookware. We start with a layer of magnetic stainless steel. This ensures that the cookware will work on any stove – gas, ceramic or induction - it’s all the same when using ONYX COOKWARE™ products. After that comes a layer of aluminum, which provides even heat distribution. We then sandwich this with a final layer of stainless steel.

What really sets our products apart from your regular cookware, is the unique laser etching process that creates the patented ONYX COOKWARE™ hexagon design. This unique process creates a series of peaks and valleys on the frying pan. In the valley is the non-stick material, making sure you get that non-stick functionality and easy clean-up. On the peaks you get the stainless steel, providing durability, perfect sear on your meat and the ability to use metal utensils and tools. This is why we call our frying pans “hybrid”. They provide you with the best of two worlds; The non-stick functionality that we all want in our frying pan and the durability of a professional stainless steel or cast iron pan.


All our cooking and sauce pots are made with our Original high-grade Japanese PTFE non-stick coating, which is infused with diamond dust for extra strength and durability. This coating provides extreme durability and the perfect sautéing or browning of meats and vegetables, while still giving you the superb non-stick functionality that you would expect from high-quality non-stick cookware.

You may be thinking; Why do I need to have non-stick in my cooking pot? Oh – let us tell you! Of course, there is the obvious case; when you need to make a sauce. We have all tried to burn our Sauce Bearnaise and get that foul taste of burned sauce as well as chunks of burned sauce mixed into it all. Yuck. With our cookware, making even the most difficult of sauces, will be so much easier for you!

But even less “tricky” recipes, such as big pot of Beef Stroganoff or simple Pasta or Rice, will be so much easier to make, when you have a high quality non-stick cooking pot, where you don’t need to worry about getting everything burned.

But – and this is where our cookware is truly different from the rest – even though our cooking and sauce pots are non-stick, they will still sauté, sear or brown your meats or vegetables to absolute perfection. So many pot dishes require you to sauté or brown off some vegetables or meat. In a regular cooking pot, this is just a terrible experience – and many choose to do the sautéing or browning in a separate frying pan. With an ONYX COOKWARE™ cooking or sauce pot, you can get easy and perfect preparation of the entire dish – from sauté and browning to cooking and boiling – in the same cooking pot!


Our cookware’s unique Tri-Ply composition, with aluminum in the middle, is not only great for even heat distribution on our frying pans. It also means that our cooking pots will heat up so much faster than a regular cooking pot made from stainless steel, cast iron or similar.

If you have ever tried to put on a big pot of water to boil – getting ready to make your pasta or boil your eggs – you know what we are talking about. There is nothing in this world, that is as boring as watching and waiting for water to boil.

The ONYX COOKWARE™ and sauce pots will enable you to heat up your water – or yesterdays leftovers, so much faster!


The most defining feature of the ONYX COOKWARE™ cooking and sauce pots, are without a doubt the ability to use metal utensils and tools without any risk of scratching or otherwise damaging the non-stick coating. Use your metal spatula, forks, spoons – whatever you want!

In fact, you can even use electric power tools on it. We are not kidding. You can use your high-powered electric mixer directly on the ONYX COOKWARE™ cooking and sauce pots, without making a scratch!

Our high-grade PTFE coating is so durable, that you can actually use a steel sponge on it! In our opinion, this is one of the most underappreciated features of our products. We promise you this; once you have tried to clean our products, you will never be able to go back to anything else.


Because the ONYX COOKWARE™ cooking and sauce pots are stainless steel and aluminum all the way through, even the handle, they can be used safely in the oven up to 260C.

With a complete set of ONYX COOKWARE™ cookware, you will never need to use an ovenproof dish/tray anymore. We are not joking here. Using it for chicken is easy, but it does not stop there. You want to make Lasagna? Casserole? Homemade Pizza? Or simply a big fat (and delicious) chocolate cake? Just take out your ONYX COOKWARE™ pot or pan, and start cooking. It is easier than using most ovenproof dishes or trays. And as already mentioned – the cleaning is truly a breeze!


Yes, we already mentioned it several times. But this is simply something that cannot be emphasized enough; Our cooking and sauce pots are so easy to clean, that you will never be able to go back to using anything else.

The non-stick functionality ensures that cleaning is a breeze. Most times, you will simply be able to rinse the pot in hot water or wipe it with a cloth – and it will be clean!

But for the harder situations, such as the unavoidable (but so annoying) limescale deposition that comes naturally from boiling water or if you use your ONYX COOKWARE™ pots in the oven and managed to get something to stick to it – you can handle our cookware with the king of cleaning tools; The Steel Sponge. This tool is normally reserved solely for pure stainless steel pots – which has no non-stick capability at all. But with our cooking pots, you can use a steel sponge with impunity to easily clean off any hard spots, without breaking so much as a sweat!

But it does not end there. If you have a busy life, you don’t even need to clean our frying pans by hand! Our products are all dishwasher safe! Just put them in the dishwasher, and let the machine do the work.


All ONYX COOKWARE™ kitchen equipment is of course absolutely free of PFOA. The same goes for any other pollutants or health risks you can think of!

How does ONYX COOKWARE™ compare to the rest?

Other non-stick cookware iron / steel cookware
Effortless non-stick Yes Yes No
Machine Washable Yes Yes No
Easy cleaning Yes Yes No
Works on all Stoves Yes Yes No
Metal utensil safe Yes No Yes
Oven Safe Yes No Yes
Superb Frying Yes No Yes
Fast and even heat distribution Yes No No
ONYX COOKWARE™ Satisfaction Guarantee Yes No No


At ONYX COOKWARE™ we pride ourselves of making some of the most innovative products that you will ever have in your kitchen. But we are not just about the products themselves. We strive to provide absolutely superior products, at a greater value for your money, than anywhere else. That is why we have chosen to opt out of the regular distribution chain, with which you are probably very familiar.

We want to change this, and therefore you will not be able to find our products in any stores. You can only buy our products right here, on our very own official website. When you buy one of our products, you are purchasing it directly from us. There are no additional cost added to fuel the distribution and retail supply chain.


At ONYX COOKWARE™, we are confident that you will love any of our products that you choose to upgrade your kitchen with. But we also realize that you may not be as confident in that as we are.

But we back up our confidence with a guarantee. A 100-day full satisfaction guarantee that you're automatically covered by no matter what you buy from us. So what does this guarantee mean? We'll tell you!

Within the first 100 days, we guarantee your satisfaction or you can get all your money back. If - against our clear expectations - you are unhappy with your purchase, you can contact our customer service team who will help you get all your money back, as well as a return label - which we will pay for - to send your order back with.

So in this way, any purchase with us is 100% risk free. Our 100-day satisfaction guarantee ensures you're fully satisfied or all your money back - and at no extra cost for returns.


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